Handling Controlled Demolitions and Hazardous Materials Nationwide

Comprehensive Demolition, Dismantling, and Excavation Services for Small and Large Contractors and Businesses throughout the East Anglia Region

With extensive demolition equipment and highly skilled operators and project managers, we can provide a comprehensive demolition and excavations service on all kinds of buildings and structures. We enjoy working with a diverse range of clients ranging from homeowners and farmers demolishing garages, barns or coal bunkers to major contractors and developers clearing entire RAF bases, industrial buildings, and office blocks; whatever your demolition requirements we can deliver.

Our range of controlled demolitions and dismantling services includes;

  • Full Survey and Consultation 
  • Expert Controlled Demolitions and Dismantling 
  • Dangerous Materials and Asbestos Handling 
  • Responsible Recycling and Reclamation 
  • Excavations and Land Clearances
  • Garage, Fuel Tank, and Coal Bunker Removal

Steel Shearing and Concrete Processing

Steel shearing refers to the process of cutting or trimming steel sheets or plates using a shearing machine. This machine
employs sharp blades to perform a straight-line cut, creating precise and clean edges on the steel material. It's a common
method in metal fabrication and manufacturing industries.

Concrete processing involves various techniques for manipulating and refining concrete to meet specific requirements. This can
include cutting, grinding, polishing, or other methods to shape, finish, or enhance the properties of concrete structures.

The Mitchell Demolition team bring extensive knowledge to every project providing good customer liaison, advice, and general
service as well as professional and efficient demolishing services. Running with an unblemished safety record for over 54 years,
we constantly re-invest in our team with ongoing training, and everyone is qualified to at least CSCS and CPCS-approved
operator standards.

Exceptional Services to Contractors Nationwide

We go out of our way to meet the needs and demands of our clients whether they are major developers or small local contractors, we know that reliability, communication, and consistency are as important as our specialist equipment and training and we are proud to have built many long-term client relationships as a result of our attention to detail.

We work with commercial businesses nationwide. Contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our expert team.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Work from a Qualified Team 
  • The Highest Quality Standards 
  • Established Health and Safety Policy 
  • Responsible Waste Management 
  • Dangerous Materials Handling 
  • Comprehensive Range of Demolition Services 
  • Focused on Commercial and Contracting Clients over 54 Years' Experience across East Anglia

Contact us for the control demolition and material clearance services we provide in the Midlands, Derby, Northampton, and the surrounding areas.

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