Marine Decommissioning and Controlled Demolition Work Nationwide

Permit holder for marine decommissioning

Recently the Environment Agency awarded a permit to the partnership of E P Metal Trading Ltd and Mitchell Demolition Limited. The ISO 9001 is an accredited quality management system awarded to Mitchell Demolition Limited and brings over 54 years' experience in controlled demolition and excavation services. Both family-owned businesses have joined venture to collaborate their areas of expertise, ensuring today's legislation is not only adhered to but, exceeded in all expectations. With an evergrowing concern for the well-being of our environment it is important that structures of a marine-based nature are disposed of and recycled correctly. Being a permit holder ensures that structures in this criteria are carefully monitored by local authorities whilst being decommissioned, ensuring an eco-friendly recycling process.

East Point, working in partnership with Mitchell Demolition Limited is setting a strong position to lead the way in economic recycling. The team specialises in the safe disposal of hazardous materials, dismantling of structures, and environmentally friendly recycling.

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