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Hazardous Materials

We can responsibly handle, remove, and dispose of a wide range of building materials containing asbestos found in commercial, industrial, and domestic properties. 

Asbestos can often turn up in controlled demolitions or interior strip out projects in materials such as thermal insulation for pipes and walls, sprayed fire protection coatings, rope and yarn, heat seals and electric cables, wall cladding, partitions, roofing, guttering, ducts, damp proofing, and even floor tiles. When broken up, large amounts of fibre can escape into the air so expert removal, handling, and disposal are all essential to protect anyone working on site or even the general public around it.

Our range of hazardous materials and asbestos handling and removal services includes:

  • Full Asbestos Survey 
  • Sealing off the Property and Damping Down 
  • Provision of Licenced Handlers as Required 
  • Asbestos Containment Vacuuming 
  • Material Enclosing and Encapsulating for Removal 
  • Responsible Disposal through Licenced Transfer Sites
  • Nationwide Coverage

Asbestos is one of the most significantly hazardous materials requiring specialist handling in demolition, but silica dust, synthetic mineral fibres such as fibreglass and cement dust can all create health and safety issues during a project and require expert consideration, planning and removal. With over 54 years' experience, our team have dealt with a huge range of materials in all kinds of properties and can guarantee a professional and effective service.

Professional Demolishing Services Nationwide

Large project or small, we always provide our clients with an exceptional service, placing a foreman and site manager on every project to ensure regular liaison and consistent high-quality standards.

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  • Expert Work from a Qualified Team 
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  • Established Health and Safety Policy 
  • Responsible Waste Management 
  • Dangerous Materials Handling 
  • Comprehensive Range of Demolition Services 
  • Focused on Commercial and Contracting Clients over 54 Years' Experience across East Anglia

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